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Don't let allergies stop you from feeling well, being active or sleeping peacefully through the night!

Our allergy-immunology experts can diagnose and design treatment plans to better control immune mediated disorders, such as allergies or infections.

With a thorough medical history (yes, you will have time to tell your story), a focused physical exam and specific testing (gentle skin testing or blood tests), we will identify environmental triggers for the following conditions:

  • Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) which can cause snoring and contribute to upper airway infections, such as inner ear, sinus or throat infections
  • Asthma or frequent cough
  • Eye Allergies
  • Allergic Skin conditions, such as hives or eczema
  • Reactions to food, insect stings or medications

We offer a courteous, relaxing environment where we can deliver the following:

  • Fast and easy breathing tests, to see if your lungs may be contributing to cough or even fatigue
  • Skin testing to plant pollens, mold, animal dander, components of dust, various foods, over the counter products, stinging insects, as well as several medications
  • Nutritional consultation for food allergies and sensitivities
  • Education to minimize or prevent exposure to triggers that cause your symptoms
  • Individualized Treatment Plans, that are the most effective and have the least side effects

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